Why Clip-in Hair Extensions Are A Great Choice?

Why Clip-in Hair Extensions Are A Great Choice?

When it comes to hair we and all our guests at Hair Heaven Emporium believe in healthy hair, that looks fabulous all year round. To keep your hair healthy, in some cases we will recommend a big chop. Once you make the decision to cut your hair, it will usually take at least some months to grow it back healthier. But, what if you want long hair real quick? Well, this is where clip-in hair extensions come in super handy. Hair extensions have come a long way since they were first introduced. They are now available in various options, natural finishes, and a lot of color options. Here are some of the reasons why our clients opt for clip-in hair extensions.

1. If You Want A New Hair Color

Who says hair extensions only exist to add length to your already existing hair? Clip-in hair extensions can be used for a variety of reasons. Imagine you’ve made plans with your besties for a night out and want to instantly spice up your hair color without having to invest hours of your time to get a colour done at the salon. You’re absolutely right, your clip-in hair extensions are your best companion. Just one set of clip-ins can create a perfect ombre or balayage look for you, where your hair on the base will be dark and gradually turn lighter. All you need to know is where to place the extensions so that they don’t look unnatural or discontinuous. We don’t want anyone to notice right? The right placement of hair extensions can become the game-changer and we’ll show you the ins and outs and share our expert tips and tricks with you.

2. Add Instant Length

Hair extensions, when they were first introduced, were used to add length to your hair primarily. As the name suggests, hair extensions extend your hair length by attaching hair clips on your hair’s base. It makes the natural hair blend in with the clip-in hair extensions and make it look very much like your own hair, but magically longer. Isn’t that amazing!

You can change your hair length any time you please, and all you need are 15 minutes to clip in your extensions and style your hair the way you love it. Now, there should be no excuse not to try out that hairstyle you wanted to so badly, just because you don’t have enough length in your hair.

3. Add Volume To Your Hair

Hair extensions can be a great tool to use if you want to add volume to your flat and frizzy hair. Applying hair extensions on your head’s crown will add volume to your hair, and it will look fuller and thicker. Now, you don’t need to use a teasing comb or a blow dryer for an hour to add volume to your hair. Just clip in the extensions, and you are ready to turn heads.

We’ve asked our clients and it wasn’t a surprise that most of them agreed on voluminous hair being a massive confidence booster, so now you have a comfortable and hassle-free way of doing it and making your hair look thicker and voluminous.

4. Avoid Heat On Your Natural Hair

If you are hesitant to use heating tools on your natural hair, you can use them on your extensions, simply remember to use quality heat protection spray. It’s also a good idea to style your extensions before putting them on. This will give you more control and precision, and you won’t accidentally use heat on your natural hair. So, curl or straighten your extensions before putting them on your hair, spritz them with hairspray to hold the style, and pin them on your hair. Voila! You have a complete hairstyle on your head, within no time at all, and you didn’t even use heat on your natural hair.

This is a great way to prevent heat on your hair if you plan to grow your natural hair and keep your natural locks protected from damage and breakage.

5. To Add A Change

We get you, there are some of those rare special occasions where you need to feel a little extra! Hair extensions are not just there to add length to your hair. There are also hair extensions in the form of layers, fringes, bangs, etc. You can instantly add bangs or fringes to your hair without having to use shears. This will give you a whole new look, without any commitment, and you can take it off any time. You can also use shorter extensions and make them look like layers throughout your hair, or we can customize a set of clip-in hair extensions to the style you like the most.

5. Perfect For Our Babes With Thinning Hair

There is no doubt that sometimes life takes over and we find ourselves lacking time for good nutrition and care for our beautiful crowns. As a result we sometimes end up with thinning hair before we pick ourselves back up and get our nutrition back on track. If you find yourself in a situation like that, we’d love to help you get your healthy hair back. With our holistic approach both with nutritional advice and a treatment plan, we can customize a perfectly seamless look for you with clip-in hair extensions. And while you wait for your hair to grow back fuller, thicker, and healthier you can always rely on your hair extensions to give you a confidence boost whenever you need one.

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