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Hair Extensions

We believe strongly in supplying our clientele with the highest quality hair extensions, combined with our knowledge in achieving the perfect long lasting look that you've always been looking for. Reserve your appointment for your consultation and lets get you wearing your hair like a crown.

We will choose the right products for you to take home to ensure your new hair extensions will last as long as they should.

To book your consultation please click the booking button in header and reserve your stylist for your desired time. Alternatively fill in the form below and we will contact you.

Hair Extensions
Service Price
Hair Extensions
1/4 Head of 20":$250
Half Head of 20":$255
Full Head of 20":$450
1/4 Head of 24":$400
1/2 Head of 24":$395
Full Head of 24":$650
Remove - Half Head: $65
Remove - Full Head:$105
Re-Apply 1/4 Head:$85
Re-Apply 1/2 Head:$105
Re-Apply Full Head:$195
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