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Colour correction to remove box dye or go lighter from a darker shade.

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Experience the best colour correction service on the Gold Coast.

Why a Colour Correction?

Do you want to go lighter from a darker shade? Maybe you’ve had a box dye disaster or have a lot of build up from years of colouring?! Whether you want your existing tone tweaked slightly or a complete factory reset, we can help you achieve the colour you’ve always wanted.

What is a Colour Correction?

A colour correction is the process of removing box dye from your hair or going lighter from a darker shade. It is almost impossible to do this by yourself at home so please come in and let us use our knowledge and tools to help you reset your hair colour. 

How is a Colour Correction done?

That depends on how much your hair colour needs to be corrected. If your hair colour needs a major fix then the process can take several hours. That’s because the dye may need to be stripped and your hair may need to lightened or filled with pigment. This all needs to be done carefully in a way that protects and repairs your hair. At our boutique hair salon on the Gold Coast we offer exactly this.

Do you need a Colour Correction?

If you’re experiencing a box-dye disaster or you aren’t happy with another salon’s work then this service is for you. Or maybe you want to lighter from a darker shade and know you can’t achieve this by yourself.

We offer a free colour correction consultation in which we look at the current colour of your hair, assess your hair’s condition and create a plan to achieve your dream colour and repair your hair. 

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We are an award-winning boutique destination salon on the Gold Coast designed to deliver beautiful hair and a luxurious experience. The moment you step inside our ornate, Insta-worthy salon you will be treated like a VIP. Relax, unwind and enjoy the pampering you deserve before walking out with Goddess-like hair. We guarantee that your salon experience will be unforgettable.

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Create your Dream Hair

Whether you want longer hair, a brand new style or have that perfect colour in mind, we guide you on a step-by-step journey to achieve your hair goals. See how we can help you have the hair you’ve always wanted and book your free dream hair consultation today.

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Hair Heaven Emporium is run by Head Stylist, Sabrina Neugebauer and her team of passionate and talented hair artists. Sabrina is an award-winning stylist who is much sought after for her renowned hairstyling artistry. We can’t wait to see you and pamper you with the love and attention you deserve whilst we transform your hair into something heavenly.

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