Everything You Need To Know About Hair Highlights And Foils In 2022

Highlights are one of the most common hair colour procedures women love to get done, and it is for a good reason. Highlights instantly make your hair look new, and the colour choices are endless. Here is everything you need to know about hair highlights.

What Are Hair Highlights?

Highlights are strands of hair starting from your head’s crown down to the ends, having a different colour than your entire hair. It is a very common and stylish hair change, and it has been popular among women for many years. A lot of actresses and models sported the highlights, and it made women go crazy for them.

Highlights are a straightforward process to do, and there is not a lot of commitment involved either, unlike a complete colour change. You only colour some strands of your hair to make it stand out, and the rest of your hair is natural. You can give highlights a go if you are someone who wants some change in their hair, but don’t want to go all out and change the entire colour of your hair.

Things You Need To Know About Highlights

Here are some things you need to know about highlights before committing to getting them.

1. Foil Highlights Are The Traditional Way

The foil method of getting highlights is probably the oldest and the first method that came to mind when highlighting. Foiling the hair isolates each chosen strand of hair that needs to be coloured, and the rest of the hair is not exposed to the hair dye. The foil method is also the fastest method, with the whole process being just under 3 hours for medium length hair.

Foil highlights are done by isolating strands of hair in foil, then the colour pigments inside the hair strand are removed with hair lightener. After the natural hair colour has been removed, a new hair colour, generally 2 to 3 shades lighter than your natural or base hair colour, is applied to your hair. After repeating the same process for as many strands as you want, the lightener will process for up to 45 Minutes. After this, your hair will be washed to remove excess lightener, a treatment will be applied to ensure the hair surface is sealed to lock in the colour and finally you can have it styled to your liking.

2. Highlights vs Lowlights

We already know what highlights are. When the base hair colour is darker than the strand hair colour, it’s called a highlight. Lowlights are strands of hair that are darker than the natural or base hair colour. Lowlights are popular among many blonde women since the darker colour is more noticeable over the light base. Lowlights will most commonly be used to add depth to your hair colour. It can be done on medium-dark hair, but the result can be much diffused and almost look the same. Lowlights are not a good option for darker hair colours because the colour will not show through the dark base, and it will look no different from your natural hair. So, for darker hair, highlights are a good option.

3. Ombre Highlights/Foylayage

Highlights have come a long way since they were first introduced. Now, there are also ombre highlights, where the colour gradually lightens as you go down from the root to the tip. It gives your hair a gorgeous appearance, and it looks exquisite. Think of ombre highlights as a blend between getting ombre hair colour and getting highlights. Ombre highlights is a perfect and harmonious mesh of the two procedures, giving you a natural and sunkissed look.

4. Should You Get Partial Highlights?

Partial highlights are also another unique type of highlight. Partial highlights are mostly done around your face to give your face a dimension and frame your face. Think of partial highlights as a contour for your face. Partial highlights are a good option if you are looking to add structure to your face, with some highlights, mainly around your face’s perimeter. It will give your face more definition and can make a face look slimmer as well.

5. Slicing Highlights

Hair slicing is a chunkier and thicker type of highlight. If you want your highlights to be super thick and chunky and want them to be more noticeable on your hair, instead of being diffused, then slicing highlights are your way to go. The strand of hair that is foiled is thicker, and it is lightened and coloured the same way as traditional highlights. This technique gives more noticeable and prominent highlights.

There you have it!

Now there should be nothing stopping you from choosing the highlights, that suit you best.

So, what are you waiting for?

We offer complimentary consultations, where we sit down with you and walk you through the process of adding highlights to your hair, help you choose the right shade of blonde, and take you on a journey to a blonder side.

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