Beautiful Balayage

Hand-painted, naturally-blended colour for depth, dimension and shine.

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Treat yourself to the best balayage on the Gold Coast.

Why Balayage?

Do you want to add depth, dimension and shine to your hair? Balayage is a great way to customise your hair colour and create a truly unique look. Different tones and shades of colour are blended softly through your hair to create a multidimensional glowing effect. Because the colours are blended so subtly there are no regrowth lines.  

What is Balayage?

“Balayage” is a French word that means sweeping or highlighting. In hairdressing it’s the name of a technique in which colour is hand-painted onto your hair in certain places to create a special effect. Here at Hair Heaven Emporium we provide the best balayage services on the Gold Coast. We offer the traditional freehand balayage technique and we also offer the teased balayage technique, “teasy lights”. Teasy lights are a combination of balayage highlights and traditional foil highlights. Teasy lights create a soft, subtle blend of colour throughout your hair without harsh lines.

How is Balayage done?

Contrary to popular belief, a balayage doesn’t mean that just the tips and front of the hair are painted. We can can create any style you want and apply colour to the full length of your hair to frame your face and features. The full process can take anywhere from 45 minutes to 3 hours. 

Is Balayage for You?

We offer a free dream hair consultation in which we help you get clear on your hair goals. We look at your hair type, hair condition, face shape and skin tone. Together we explore different colour options and styles and make a step-by-step plan to create your dream hair.

So if you’re thinking of getting one of our Beautiful Balayage packages then book your free dream hair consultation and we can help you decide if this style is for you and which balayage technique works best with your hair. 

A Salon Experience You'll Love

We are an award-winning boutique destination salon on the Gold Coast designed to deliver beautiful hair and a luxurious experience. The moment you step inside our ornate, Insta-worthy salon you will be treated like a VIP. Relax, unwind and enjoy the pampering you deserve before walking out with Goddess-like hair. We guarantee that your salon experience will be unforgettable.

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Create your Dream Hair

Whether you want longer hair, a brand new style or have that perfect colour in mind, we guide you on a step-by-step journey to achieve your hair goals. See how we can help you have the hair you’ve always wanted and book your free dream hair consultation today.

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Hair Heaven Emporium is run by Head Stylist, Sabrina Neugebauer and her team of passionate and talented hair artists. Sabrina is an award-winning stylist who is much sought after for her renowned hairstyling artistry. We can’t wait to see you and pamper you with the love and attention you deserve whilst we transform your hair into something heavenly.

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