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About Us

About the Hair Heaven Family.

We are a family owned and operated boutique hair salon in Carrara on the Gold Coast.

We bring healthy and glamorous hair to all our hairdressing clientele with each and every visit.

For all our staff and guests alike, being part of the Hair Heaven Family means enjoying exclusive

benefits of our bonus and incentive program.

Our Story

Growing up in Germany, our co-founder Sabrina was always very passionate about all things hair

and commenced her hairdressing apprenticeship back in 2007. While acquiring vast knowledge in

all aspects of the trade, she made it her priority to create fabulous looking hair without compromising its health.   

In 2009 Sabrina decided to follow her partner Haensel and his brother Artur on their journey to experience

a new culture in the beautiful land of Australia. The trio was fascinated with everything this country had to offer:

breathtaking beaches surrounded by crystal clear waters, lush rainforests and most of all the warmth and positive

attitude of all the people living here. 

Fast-forward to 2014, after Sabrina had gained experience in the Australian Hair and Beauty industry, after she

completed her Certificate in Session Styling at the Pivot Point Academy, the idea was born to create a Hair Salon

that would change the industry for the better.

At the core: a commitment to excellence, a commitment to providing the clientele with not just a service but

rather an unforgettable experience, a commitment to results that speak louder than words! A growing salon in a

quite neighborhood determined to make a big difference... 

Welcome to HairHeavenEmporium where you are the Queen.

Our Passion

All our gorgeous Gold Coast clients don't just want their hair looking good, they love it glamorous and healthy. Making sure that you leave our salon feeling like a queen, that's what we love the most.
We adore our teams passion for the hair and beauty industry and this shows in our ever growing clientele.

What we mean with the “Hair Heaven Emporium experience”:
From the moment you join the Hair Heaven family, you will enter a caring space. We care about creating unforgettable hair salon experiences here on the beautiful Gold Coast, every time you visit us. We combine ever evolving techniques with customer service that is unmatched in the industry.

We look forward to having you visit our hair salon and having you wear Your hair like a Crown.

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